Our philosophy is based on  the “It Takes a Village” approach. We use this methodology to empower and support every family and child. We stand by this notion to build a purposeful sense of community. When we interact with families that need our services, we believe every child should experience learning in a safe, fun, and healthy environment that is why we make it our objective to be transparent and encourage open communication.

Our values:  
Sustaining a Safe and Stimulating Learning
Environment Open Communication/Transparency
Creation and Implementation of Fun Live online classes
Treating Every Individual with Integrity, Kindness, and Respect
Empowerment of Individuals One Encounter at a Time!

5 to 1 Ratio (Group Session)Student to Child Educator ratio

Because we care about safety the 5 to 1 ratio is perfect for everyone to have a spot on the screen and a time to shine!

1 to 1 Ratio (Individual Session)

Because this package is meant for children that need the highest level of support and undivided attention, we keep it personalized while always showing encouraging smiles!

How it works?

100% Real time interactions online -Via Video Conference

1:1 Child Educator/Student Ratio (if individual session is chosen)

Certified teachers and experienced child educators who are highly trained to craft and customize fun activities, workshops and at home tutoring sessions

Excellent planning and student tracking (student goals,preferences, progress and academic success will be recorded)

Full transparency and communication

Easy to access portal with easy to use applications

Hip, Hip Hooray, Homework help is on the way!

We understand that keeping your child engaged and learning is critical. Have our experienced child educators and accredited tutors assist them with cool arts & craft ,science projects and challenging school work.