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Play With Me Jubilee

Arts and Crafts
Science Experiments

By enrolling your child in the Play With Me Jubilee program by Jr Brainiac, your child will have a highly impactful experience by developing creativity, being physically active, building critical thinking, and boosting self-esteem!
Each activity in this online workshop is designed to help your child develop unique solutions that will enable them to build great social skill and emotional intelligence.
So, if you’re on the lookout for a productive physical activity that is not only fun to do but also boosts a child’s socialization skills, then this program is what fits your needs!

Tisket a-Tasket

Homework help (individual)
Classwork Help (individual)

Other Programs can be customized for Solo Participation upon request!
Absorbing information is a big part of school-going children. Although not every child loves to do their schoolwork, it is possible to increase their learning interest. We understand that schoolwork is a big deal, and therefore, we provide individual help for each child. We have qualified tutors who would be one-on-one with your child. With each session aimed to bring out your kiddo’s academic talents and spark their interest in the task at hand!

When you secure a spot at Jr Brainiac through our online portal, your child will get plenty of help and clearly understand their assignments, plus get tips on how to complete their school assignments efficiently as a result finishing their work with confidence and having time for more extracurricular activities.

Reading is FUN-da-MENTAL

Creative Writing
Shakespeare Play (Acting)
Language Lessons

One of the perks of enrolling in our Reading is FUN-da-MENTAL program is that your child’s imagination can run wild, which is necessary for this creative curriculum. Let your child’s acting skills shine through by acting out stories like the “Lion King” as they pretend to fly through the Africa Safari just like Zazu or Roar like Mufasa, have them brainstorm and to come up with the right words to form a silly haiku or a beautiful sonnet. Or learn about other cultures and appreciate diversity through learning a new language! This program aim to help your child have a diverse outlook on the world while also enhancing their vocabulary.