asked questions

On this page you’ll find some of the most frequently asked questions.

What type of device is best for video conferencing?

Any device that can video conference works and depending on the task at hand we encourage proper discretion. We find that tablets are best for younger kiddos because they can move around and easily bring the activity or lesson with them. As for the older ones we suggest laptops or tablets with keyboards attached so they are able to take notes during tutoring sessions.

Who are the child educators and tutors? Do they have background checks?

Some are college students who are eager to make extra money. Others are professionals that enjoy the nature of educating and empowering children.Yes, we do complete background checks. However, we give parents a chance to meet with their child’s education specialist within the first 24 hours of the booked session to address any concerns that parties on either side may have. And because of this concern, we promote feedback from both sides after each session.

How will I meet my child’s Educator?

We will simply send a confirmation email once you have booked a session with a link with times to choose from. Once you have chosen the time you are comfortable with, you could then meet them during the time chosen to ask all the questions that you may have. And don’t worry if you don’t have the time to meet your child’s education specialist, there is an introduction video in the confirmation email ready for you to watch and find out more about the assigned certified educator.

My child is very energetic/autonomous. Will they stay on task or listen to a person that’s not physically there?

Staff at Jr. Brainiac are aware of this genuine concern from parents. So, we came up with a thorough plan to prevent this type of event from happening. This plan gave us great approaches to keep your kiddo on task. We were more than thrilled to find out that the children responded positively to our unique approach, too! The staff’s full purpose is to educate, entertain and engage with children and because your child will be having so much fun, they do not break away from the device, especially when enrolled in a group session where they will have the opportunity to be silly and wacky with their peers. If you are worried about your child detouring from the session, your child might need an incentive to cooperate, you can work with your child’s assigned educator to set up a reward system.

What is an online activity workshop? How does it work?

Unlike traditional workshops, where your child and a group of other children are partaking in one class physically, virtual workshops are a little more hands-off. A child educator logs into our video platform to supervise, instruct, and entertain your child along with other participants of the same age group with child appropriate activities for a predetermined amount of time.

How will you keep my child safe? Can’t they get hurt?

Our child specialists only administers age-appropriate activity and do not do dangerous activities where kids can get hurt or hurt themselves. But in case of an unforeseen accident, we ask that a parent or guardian is in the home in the event of an emergency. We ask that you keep current contact information on file with Jr. Brainiac in case we need to reach you. Also we do not leave any child unattended and give parents a 5 minute grace period , just in case, to make sure the parent gives us the okay to log off just for extra safety.

What type of activities will my child be doing?

Staff at Jr. Brainiac can administer various types of activities with your child like, helping them remotely with schoolwork, arts & crafts, dance, science projects and more! The child education specialist might ask questions about what your children tend to like/dislike before the initial meet. And based on what package you choose for your child, activities can vary. So please be sure to read the package you choose and talk to the specialist on what activities are being rendered.

What happens if I need to cancel a session?

Depending on the service chosen, just let us know 24 hours in advance that you need to cancel, and we will give a full refund or schedule.

What happens if I need to get in contact with my child’s educator ASAP?

Just contact them through the Jr. Brainiac platform chat room.There is no need to use their personal phone numbers or emails.They will surely get back to you and answer any questions or concerns.

How it works?

100% Real time interactions online -Via Video Conference

1:1 Child Educator/Student Ratio (if individual session is chosen)

Certified teachers and experienced child educators who are highly trained to craft and customize fun activities, workshops and at home tutoring sessions

Excellent planning and student tracking (student goals,preferences, progress and academic success will be recorded)

Full transparency and communication

Easy to access portal with easy to use applications

Hip, Hip Hooray, Homework help is on the way!

We understand that keeping your child engaged and learning is critical. Have our experienced child educators and accredited tutors assist them with cool arts & craft ,science projects and challenging school work.